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Quick, Easy Hollywood Brunches

Quick, Easy Hollywood Brunches

We’ve been obsessed with Hollywood as of late for many reasons. It’s the one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city that is undergoing a reinvention that is attracting both the worst people in town and the best people in town. It’s a culturally rich area that some are overlooking and definitely is becoming a little food destination. One of the biggest food events in the area–and city–is the Sunday Farmer’s Market on Ivar and Selma. It attracts foodies from all over the city looking for fresh food at a convenient spot in town. Before or after your trip, you’re probably going to want a quick brunch. And, for many who want to get out of the sun and don’t want to stand around at a food stand for brunch, you have to turn elsewhere. Where to go? What to get? Hmm hmm hmmmmm…Well, here are some options for you!

An Oyster Bloody Mary and Oysters at Hungry Cat

The Hungry Cat is our favorite place in Hollywood by a long shot. They have fantastic seafood and a great atmosphere and are some of the best service in town. Of course, they’re a *little* pricey but it is worth saving some money for. A moderately affordable brunch option for those with a savory seafood taste is getting some oysters and some bloody marys. The oysters they have are some of the finest in town, hand plucked from Santa Barbara nearly everyday. They have a few variety of bloody marys as well; however, the oyster bloody mary (above) is quite possibly the best incarnation of the drink. Served with an oyster garnish, it is very obvious how these two tie in so well together. You won’t be here for more than thirty minutes and you will leave content and mildly abuzz.

Quick, Easy Hollywood Brunches

The Bee’s Knees and Chicken and Waffles at Wood & Vine

Wood & Vine seems to be a little Hollywood secret, as its store front is very unassuming but its inside is booming and backyard is a utopia at the base of four high rises. They serve sweet American small plates and have outstanding cocktails. For a nice sunny late morning, head over there and get their breakfasty/lunchy/indulgent chicken and waffles, which is a more boutique version of the just-blocks-away Roscoe’s version. To go along with this, grab the Bee’s Knees, which is a nice little lemony pick-me-up of gin and honey. Sip that back in the sunlight on their back patio and then hop on the Hollywood and Vine Red Line train to wherever you want to go!

Quick, Easy Hollywood Brunches

A Mint Iced Tea and Salt And Pepper Chicken Sandwich at Tender Greens

Tender Greens is one of the LA based chains that seem to be quite ubiquitous but doesn’t seem to get all the credit it deserves. They make fantastically affordable meals from local products that range from decently sized salads to petite sandwiches–all in the name of basic, healthy food. They have a great selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks but, when in a healthy utopia, go for not-alcohol and their mint tea (if available) is perfect. Pair that with a small salad and salt and pepper chicken sandwich, with a nice seat on the back patio and you are set to go. It’s just a diagonal skip from the farmer’s market and is likely the most affordable option of the bunch. Don’t overlook it because it’s a “chain”!

Quick, Easy Hollywood Brunches

A Crisp White Wine and Cheese and Charcuterie Plates at The Mercantile

The Mercantile is forgotten a lot of the times, for whatever reason. It’s moderately priced and is kind of like a European take on American food, a great angle to have. Their charcuterie and cheeses are out of control good and constantly changing. I’d venture to say that, within their price range, it is the best in town. Moreover, they have a fantastic wine selection. On a sunny day, venture West on Sunset to Seward and grab a seat on the patio, a refreshing white wine, and a meat and cheese selection that your waiter chooses for you.

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