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You Guys Should Be In Lita Albuquerque’s Spine Of the Earth 2012.

You Guys Should Be In Lita Albuquerque's Spine Of the Earth 2012.

It’s a rare occasion when you can get involved with an artists work. And not some student artist or someone who has a Tumblr of a few things they did, but an artist whose work has been shown at LACMA, the Getty, the Whitney, MOCA, the Hirshorn, and loads of other places. There is an opportunity to do that now, guys: you–yes, you, the one at home, reading this right now–can participate in Spine of the Earth 2012, a large scale project by renowned artist Lita Albuquerque.

The art event is taking place this Sunday and is a recreation of Albuquerque’s 1980 Spine of the Earth, where the artist created a land based work at the bed of the El Mirage Dry Lake. The piece created a giant “geometric pattern over six-hundred feet in diameter” and turned the Earth into a artist’s canvas. In her recreation twenty two years later, she won’t be painting the earth but will be making a “performative sculpture” that requires at least five hundred people.

The piece is a part of Pacific Standard Time’s Performance and Public Art Festival, which begins Thursday, January 19, continuing through Saturday, January 29. By signing up on Albuquerque’s simple website (which has more information on the event, including that there will be a little choreography and some stair climbing), you, too, can get involved in this once in a lifetime opportunity. We signed up for it and got word by way of e-mail a few days ago about what’s going on. Here’s what they had to say…

You Guys Should Be In Lita Albuquerque's Spine Of the Earth 2012.

• The event is this Sunday between 12PM and 2PM. If you are participating, you need to be on site no later than 8AM. Yeah, that’s early for a Sunday–but what an opportunity!!! The early arrival will ensure enough time to rehearse for the performance.
• This actually will not be in the desert (phew), but in Baldwin Hills Scene Overlook in Culver City, just a shotputting away from the 10, between Jefferson and La Cienega. If you’ve gone to a Culver City art crawl, you have no excuse for not being able to make it out here.
• “All participants will be involved in a very simple walking-based movement that will take place outdoors”: easy! If you were worried about the choreography (which will be lead by locals WIFE), you have no reason to fret. It’s going to be a breeze. You’ll also just mainly be walking down the staircase you see above in Baldwin Hills.
• What will you be wearing? A red jump suit! We imagine this is to imitate the red of the original Spine of the Earth. You should wear dark clothing and “comfortable walking shoes” in neutral colors to go underneath, though. You’ll also be keeping your red jumpsuit, which Lita will be signing as a thank you for participating. How cool is that?

For more on Spine of the Earth 2012, check out the Pacific Standard Time blog! We hope to see you on Sunday because we definitely will be there.

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