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Events To Bookmark This Weekend For The Pacific Standard Time Performance And Public Art Festival


As you know, this week kicks off the much anticipated Pacific Standard Time Performance And Public Art Festival. In addition to the already busy and jam packed with rad stuff Pacific Standard Time, the Performance and Public Art Festival will share over a week of art happenings around the city that are reperformances, reimaginations, and new entries into the Southern California art canon. Naturally, there’s a lot to consume coming up and you may be a *little* overwhelmed with what exactly is going on. In an attempt to break it down some (so you don’t have to sift through every nook and cranny of the festival’s website), we’re breaking things down for you bit by bit, noting the things you should see this weekend.

Disappearing Environments by Judy Chicago, 1.19: Chicago will be recreating and reinterpreting a 1968 piece done with Eric Orr and Lloyd Hamrol. She will install 25 tons of dry ice to flood the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica with fog. She’ll then illuminate the dry ice structures with road flares. The piece will stay up until all 25 tons disappear (which is guessed to be on Sunday).
Perparation F by John White, 1.21: As one of three performances happening at Pomona College this evening, John White recreates his performance where the Pomona College football team takes to the floor, undressing, getting into football apparel, and scrimmaging in the gallery.
A Butterfly For Pomona by Judy Chicago, 1.21: This piece is Chicago’s second entry into the Festival and the second Pomona College item. Here, Chicago produces a piece inspired by her seventies piece Atmospheres. It will, of course, tie in atmosphere with light and pyrotechnics to create a large piece.
Burning Bridges by James Turrell, 1.21: The third Pomona College performance will see Turrell’s 1971 flare performance recreated, which will set a building aglow in orange light and smoke.
Spine Of The Earth 2012 by Lita Albuquerque, 1.22: Albuquerque will be reimagining her 1980 performance in Los Angeles with over five hundred people, for tons of people around the city to see. Want to get involved? Sign up here.
Accidents In Abstract Painting by Richard Jackson, 1.22: Happening at the Rose Bowl, Jackson will crash a toy plane full of paint (remote controlled, of course) into a twenty foot canvas.

For more performances to check out this weekend, take a look at the Pacific Standard Time blog!

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