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The Wrinkles Of The City By JR

The Wrinkles Of The City By  JR

We were surfing through Vimeo earlier today and came across a video that no one had seemed to be watching but was brilliant: The Wrinkles Of The City, Los Angeles by JR. It wasn’t really announced if the video was in fact by the TED prize winning artist but, as the video played, it was very apparent that the video was about the artist’s subjects, his own process, and Los Angeles as a source for great material, an undefined city that everyone has defined.

After a quick search, we found a story from Huffington Post that clarified that, yes, the video is from JR and by JR about the people whose wrinkles you have seen around town. The twelve minute long piece sits these subjects down to speak about their work, their lives, and wrinkles, the most vivid marker of aging (something JR is obviously obsessed with). The video also acts as a great tour of Los Angeles, traveling around Downtown to Melrose to all around where JR left his mark on town.

It is definitely a sad (and inspirational) piece, from these people who basically feel forgotten in age. Some feel it is the best thing they’ve ever been able to do while others were just “proud to be in a piece of art.” It’s a really great watch, acting as a big hug to these people and the city. Definitely made our Friday a little bit nicer.

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