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The Pasadena And San Marino Focus Weekend Starts Tomorrow!


There is literally so, so, soooo much going on this weekend. Of course, the Performance and Public Art Festival is already in full swing. However, there’s one other big event that is taking place at the same time: the Pasadena/San Marino Focus Weekend.

This Focus Weekend is the most petite of them all, with events on Saturday and Sunday that span across the area’s five shows. Let’s take a look at the shows and events as they happen (since they take place in a very specific order) along with a few things you should do to fill your time before, after, and in between the events.

Norton Simon’s Proof: The first event/show of the weekend is hosting a 12:30PM to 1:30PM event Saturday that will explore the exhibit, examining works by artists like Ed Ruscha and David Hockney, and how the Tamarind Lithography Workshop played into printmaking. Right after at 2:00PM, Pacific Asia Museum will will be hosting a lecture from Jay Bellioli, guest curator of 46 N. Los Robles. As these events happen in the early afternoon, we recommend you grab a nice brunch before or late lunch after. Here are our recommendations, all of which are not that far from either show; Le Pain Quotidien is one of the nicest “chains” around and have great coffees and tartines; Tea Rose Garden is a nice traditional English breakfast tea spot that is always a sweet time; Villa Sorriso and Cheval Blanc Bistro are two pricey but super nice places for brunch; Pie’n Burger is a great all American lunch joint; Intelligentsia Coffee is like, duh, the best (and the only LA Intelligentsia that serves food!!); and, if you need art supplies out of inspiration from any shows, get thee to the Dick Blick. You should also stop in the Huntington Library’s The House That Sam Built while here as well.

For more on the second day of the Focus Weekend, check out the Pacific Standard Time blog!

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