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Preparation F And Performance At Pomona

Preparation F And Performance At Pomona

Pacific Standard Time has a lot in store for us with the Performance and Public Art Festival. Lita Albuquerque will be parading five hundred red suited people up and down Baldwin Hillsthe Dead Kennedys will be rocking MOCA out, and plays likeWilliam Leavitt’s The Particles and Elanor Antin’s Before The Revolution will get the much deserved production level they deserve. A few of the most exciting performances and reperformances will be happening this Saturday out in Pomona, one of which includes a football team in John White’s Perparation F.

Preparation F will be a performance where viewers don’t know where or what the art is until it’s exploding around them. Even though this recreation takes place with full knowledge that a group of men is going to walk into a room, disrobe, put on football pads, and scrimmage inside a gallery, it still promises to be a remarkable and important moment in Southern California performance art history with some elements of surprise. The moment that will be restaged is one that questions performance from the perspective of what exaxtly performance is and who is doing it. White himself is not physically taking part in the performance and is instead using the somewhat out-of-place footballers to beat each other before the art crowd. It’s brilliant and all sorts of bewildering.

White will also be sharing another piece at Pomona this weekend,Wooded Path, another reperformance of a 1970s piece that involves people holding not-that-long planks of wood as one person runs down the center of them, slicing them in half with a chainsaw. Crazy right? Yes, very crazy. Very crazy and very hypercharged in masculinity, which of course is the point.

For more on rad performances in Pomona tomorrow night (including some from James Turrell and Judy Chicago), check out the Pacific Standard Time blog!

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