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Best Of LA Art Show: Carole Feuerman At Timothy Yarger Fine Art

Best Of LA Art Show: Carole Feuerman At Timothy Yarger Fine Art

We shared the start of the LA Art Show last week but are using this week to share one thing a day that we found exciting about the show. Now, this sounds like an easy task but the LA Art Show was full of lots of very OK, “Well, my mom would like this.” art that I would rather not try to figure out how someone would pay $35K for. Those shining moments (and shining galleries and gallerists) made the LA Art Show a delight because, for an art show that took up the entire Convention Center, some people had to step up their art game.

We are proud to say that a local gallery took the cake for the best thing exhibited: Timothy Yarger Fine Art in Beverly Hills’ brilliant collection of Carole Feuerman sculptures.

Carole’s sculpture depict poolgoers mid-pool action. Some are jumping off diving boards, some are lounging on an inflatable item, some are getting dressed: they are all a person you could see at any pool visit and are definitely people you have seen at a pool. What she does with these subjects is create hyper, hyper, hyper realistic sculptures that are scaled down to not-quite actual size, are perfectly shaped to actual size, and that are blown out of proportion to huge sizes. They were similar to Ron Mueck‘s sculptural work; however, while his are somewhat deadpan and occasionally dark, Carole’s sculptures are all light and bright and fun. You wouldn’t mind joining these people in the pool yourself.

The details are also what made Carole’s work so great. Not only are the sizes a fun thing to play with, the scrunches in fabric and material in resin are so real, real hair poke out from swim caps and are used for eyebrows and eyelashes, and clear water splotches line the arms and pool in the cracks of these person’s arms and legs. Her work is brilliant and, hands down, was the show stealer at the LA Art Show. Definitely check out her work and, if you want more information on Carole, check out Timothy Yarger’s website.

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