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Steven Harrington X Generic Surplus

Steven Harrington X Generic Surplus

Steven Harrington is on a roll. Last year, he worked with brands like Beck’s and Target to create some really cool products and had shows all over the world that shared his trademark aesthetic. All of this activity and hard work has seemed to come to a climax recently, in the first month of the new year, with the release of his Generic Surplus shoe collaboration, which has born the Harrington Boot.

Last night, we swung by El Chavo where he, the Generic Surplus guys, and friends and family gathered to celebrate the new shoe release and have a few drinks. The crowd was really mellow and sociable, all sipping on margaritas and micheladas on a mild winter (“winter”) evening. Tucked away in a room at El Tres (the sweet micro inn above El Chavo), shoes were on display for visitors to look at and preview, to see the result of both parties’ hard work.

Steven Harrington X Generic Surplus

The boots are made with tobacco brown beeswax leather and feature custom artwork by Steven. This includes embellishment at the back ankle of the boot, his iconic You And I figure on the lip, and a cactus friend inside of the shoe along with the sole of the shoe. The boot is definitely inspired by many trips out to the desert and California lifestyle in general: it is both perpetually laid back and perpetually ready to work, much like Steven himself. They really are a sweet pair of kicks that you definitely should make an investment in as they are likely to be going very fast. Similarly, they are surprisingly understated and functional, ready for a hike in the desert or for a few cocktails at a trendy bar.

Steven and Generic are certainly a match made in Los Angeles heaven, which the shoe definitely celebrates (and, of course, the box on the shoe clearly states as much). You’d think this would be a one off collaboration but there are definitely more in the works the two of them–particularly something happening at Coachella. Keep your eyes peeled for that, guys.

For more on the boot, peruse Generic Surplus’ visual diary of Steven’s work creating the shoe. And, duh, buy a pair for yourself or someone you love here.

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