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The Standard Hollywood’s Art in the Parking Space

The Standard's Art In the Parking Space

Parking is rarely seen as a place for performance. However, last night at The Standard Hollywood in West Hollywood, parking was the star performer in their entry into Pacific Standard Time’s Performance and Public Art Festival. Their performance Art in the Parking Space, a celebration of bite sized performances of varying styles.

When you arrived at The Standard, you were sent down an industrial flight of stairs that lead you to an undisclosed location. You know it’s going to be the parking lot but part of you is wondering if you were going to end up in some alleyway, like you took a wrong turn on your way to see art. Instead, the bottom of the staircase brings you to a parking lot that has been turned into a cool zone full of art enthusiast and artists gallivanting about turning a non-art space into an art space.

The space–sectioned off with paper and deemed the “Sub-Standard” by artists Tova Carlin, Ania Diakoff, and Katerina Llanes–used parking spots as tiny stages for performance that ranged from video art to dance to performance art and mixed media installation. Most notably, Sydney Cooper used her space as a Japanese rock garden, Gracie Devito performed her “Coolidge Night One” in her space, which had her parked SUV turned into the stage (and her mother and father Danny Devito and Rhea Pearlman as front row viewers), and tours by Untitled Collective, who gave tours of the space as it once was before The Standard moved in, when it was still the Golden Crest Retirement Home.

People went in and out of the space and performances and events that were constantly ongoing throughout the evening. There was plenty of great (free!!) cocktails courtesy of Mezcal Del Maguey, who created smokey sweet drinks for viewers. The climax for the event was definitely the collaborative effort by Johanna Reed with Marc Horowitz, who gathered nearly all of the viewers into one parking space and hoped to break the world record of most people within one space. We’re not sure if that goal was achieved, but it definitely introduced us to new people and was a great cap to the evening.

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