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Best of LA Art Show: Peter Blake Gallery

Best of LA Art Show: Peter Blake Gallery

Aside from Arcadia Gallery, Peter Blake Gallery in Laguna Beach definitely was high up there for the “Best Booth” award from us at the LA Art Show. They featured a lot of very basic and minimal artists, many of which are from California. It was probably the biggest “Yeah, California: WHAAAT YOU GOT, EVERYONE ELSE??” booth at the show, quietly knowing that it was in a league ahead of many of the other booths.

The gallery brought items from Ruth Pastine, Ed Moses, James Hayward, Jimi Gleason, and Lita Albuquerque. They seemed to all be playing within the same color palette, cobalts transitioning into blacks into whites into silver and golds. They also ranged from Pastine’s blue-into-black pieces, that looked like the colors were transforming into each other, slowly moving tiny dark Rothkos, to Albuquerque’s dimpled triptych, bouncing from silver to blue to gold dimples, all in a nice ivory setting.

It was great to see the gallery’s delightful modern minimalistic work, all of which approached the assignment from very different angles. Peter Blake Gallery was one of the best boots at the LA Art Show because it felt like Peter himself gave all of the artists the same homework and they reported to him with their interpretation for him to share at the Show. More exhibitors at art shows should take a cue from Peter Blake as they are certainly practicing good gallery practices, sharing works that all form a cohesive thought–especially at large shows.

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