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Three Weeks In January Programming Note

Best Of The LA Art Show Suzanne Lacy's Three Weeks In January

This afternoon, you may see some Tweets from the Los Angeles, I’m Yours Twitter that are not quite our typical fair of postings: we will be participating/”performing” in Suzanne Lacy’s Storying Violence, one of the most prominent events within her performance Three Weeks In January, by giving our commentary and thoughts on things by way of Twitter.

Lacy, who has been working with LACE as a part of their exhibition and performance series Los Angeles Goes Live, has been showcasing and remounting lots of great work this month (many of which, naturally, happen in conjunction with Pacific Standard Time activity). Today, she will be holding a semi-public meeting that will be a discussion with city and artistic leaders Deputy Mayor Aileen Adams, LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck, Peace Over Violence Director Patti Giggans, Rape Treatment Center Founder and Director Gail Abarbanel, UC Irvine Gender Studies and Media Expert Dr. Franchesca Poletti, Playwright Julie A. Baer, and CODEPINK Founder Jodie Evans. The piece is intended to “illustrate the impact of media on sexual violence dialogue,” utilizing the Los Angeles (and beyond) online community to broadcast thoughts and reactions on the conversation at City Hall.

We have a vague idea of what to expect and are super, super excited (and honored!) to have been asked to participate. Things will kick off at approximately 3PM and will wrap up around 5PM and will also include other rad folks like Shana Nys-Dambrot, CODEPINK, For Your Art LA, L.A. Times’ Jori Finel, Lena Chen of Chicktionary, and other cool LA art people. You can catch a stream of everyone participating’s thoughts here. Prepare yourselves for commentary, maybe some photos, and lots of conversation on performance, how we handle rape, and government in Los Angeles.

Oh: and probably some commentary on the weather and links to posts, as per usual.

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