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Ladies Only: Olympic Spa in Koreatown


Ladies of Los Angeles, I found paradise last Sunday. And, I’ve been back twice since.

Paradise is located on the corner of Norton and Olympic in Koreatown. It goes by the name Olympic Spa and, for an adult woman, I can confirm with complete confidence that it is the happiest place on earth. The Olympic Spa has everything one needs to survive: showers, a steam room, a sauna, hot tubs, a room with a heated jade floor for napping, private for massages, and, the best part, a restaurant. Treatments at the Olympic Spa range from a half-hour “mini massage” to the “Goddess Treatment,” a more than 90-minute spa experience that includes a full body scrub, shampoo, and a massage with “body emulsion” that will leave you feeling like a new and improved version of yourself. You also have the option to forgo specialized treatments and purchase a day of unlimited access to the baths for just $15.

Be warned: the Korean spa is not for everyone. If you’re squeamish about nudity, this may not be the place for you. That said, spending the day – or just a few hours – exploring the relaxing wonders of Olympic Spa will refresh your spirits as well as your appreciation for the beauty of women. Much like a nude beach, patrons of a nude spa come in all shapes, ages, colors, and sizes. Newcomers to the spa experience are easily recognized as those who wrap their towels around their bodies modestly and bother to tie their robes, while seasoned spa veterans casually drape their towels over their shoulders and come equipped with water bottles, often offering advice to novices.

The sense of community is overwhelming: although signs encourage patrons to be quiet, it’s impossible to suppress giggles as you slip into the cold bath – recommended to tighten pores and increase blood circulation between hot treatments. Spa friends resemble camp friends: you’ll spend your afternoon together, navigating the baths, congratulating one another on your choice of treatment. You’ll share stories over soup and coconut water in the café and part ways in the evening, making vague promises to meet again in a few weeks. Whether you’re a new or returning patient, in just a few hours you’ll leave with a renewed sense of your inner goddess, and I say that as someone who identifies as only partially hippie.

If your schedule allows it, stop by Olympic Spa on a weekday. Their schedules are much more open for last-minute treatment reservations, and it’s easier to navigate the Mugwort Tea bath without the weekend crowd.

Olympic Spa is located at 3915 W. Olympic Blvd, and is open daily from 9am to 10pm. Olympic Spa is a female-only oasis, but Korean Spas that include male chambers include Wi Spa (also open 24 hours!) and Wilshire Spa.

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