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Haim, A Southern California Family Affair

Haim, A Southern California Family Affair

If you were to crash a family band like the Patridge Family or Hanson together with Mama Cass or any other late seventies California rock mothers, you would have Haim, a trio of sisters who have done a shit ton in the music world and still they have yet to actually produce any of their own stuff. The group has built a stellar reputation in Los Angeles and New York as being a fantastic live act. They’ve already done many shows at The Troubador, The Echo, and just about anywhere else in town you can think of–they even were one of Julian Casablanca’s opening acts two years ago.

Their sound is lady rock with a bit of a twist. That twist isn’t necessarily well defined, wavering between souly summer rock and hippie harmonization: it’s very California girl, in the Stevie Nicks fashion much more than the Katy Perry manner. Of course, this speaks purely to their live style, which is the only style they currently have. Try looking up a Bandcamp or YouTube profile or anything: you will not get very far. They’ve picked up lots of traction strictly through word of mouth and their reputation for being stellar rockers.

You can catch them around town occasionally and, most recently, they’ll be headlining this Saturday’s Quit Mumbling show at Bootleg. Definitely check out their work in the videos here and, if you like what you see, totally check them out Saturday (and you can buy tickets here).

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