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Meat Week is Real

Meat Week is Real

“The Holiday Time Forgot” is back in LA this week, ladies and gentlemen. Meat Week is real.

Los Angeles Meat Week kicked off this past Sunday at Original Texas BBQ King. On Monday I attended my first event at Smoke City Market in Sherman Oaks, and Tuesday went back for more at Kansas City BBQ Company in North Hollywood. As one of “those” Eastsiders who rarely travels West of Vermont for anything, I can honestly say that I appreciate Meat Week’s dedication to exploring vendors across the great city of Los Angeles. Eight nights of BBQ and eight nights Los Angeles adventures. That said, I’m relieved that tonight’s festivities are taking place in Hollywood, only a few miles outside of my comfort zone.

Meat Week was founded in 2005 in Tallahassee, Florida by Meat Week admirals Erni Walker and Chris Cantey (now co-captains of Los Angeles Meat Week). Eight crazy nights of BBQ beginning the last Sunday of January and culminating in an all-out meat-stravaganza on Superbowl Sunday. Now in its 8th year, Meat Week has expanded from Tallahassee to Los Angeles and beyond — currently there are chapters in 23 cities across the US and one international outlier in The Hague, Netherlands. In addition to the 23 “official” Meat Week cities, there are a number of BBQ lovers who are “flying’ solo,” exploring BBQ on their own this week.

In 2012, Meat Week LA inaugurated a new tradition: the MeatCam2000, a camera attached to a construction helmet which is passed around Meat Week events to capture as many meaty mouthfuls as possible. The MeatCam adds another level to the Meat Week National tradition of photographing all Meat Week attendees with their meat. In a city of filmmakers, the MeatCam seems a fitting addition to a meaty tradition. See videos from nights one, two and three of Meat Week LA here, and photographs from nights 1-4 here (as if you needed another reason to be jealous).

To keep up with news, tips and ‘food porn’ from Meat Week, check out their twitter @MeatWeek – or just search #MeatWeek2012. You can also check out the Meat Week website for any and all information necessary for joining in on the week’s celebrations (meat-ups), with times and locations for each event. If you are so inclined, head to MeatWeek.com. The Los Angeles schedule of events can be found here. Remember folks: Eat. Meat. Repeat.

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