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Love Electrical And Other Works by [PHYSICS]

Love Electrical by Physics

I’m a big fan of house and electronic music and am always seeking out what’s new in that field because, really, it sounds like music from the future and I always fancied myself a forward thinking, future-living person (whatever that means). I’ve always been a little sad that Los Angeles has had a gaping hole in its musical field in relationship to the electronic world, save for people coming out of Ghostly and a handful of acts that dabble in the synths and dance music (like YACHT, Nite Jewel, B.C. X Delivery, etc.). No one is bringing their electronic game to a respectable level, unfortunately. I found this band [PHYSICS] that are nearly what the doctor ordered, as they are crafting these bleeping blooping synth songs that are at times dark and always referential of the retro-futuristic electronic music from the late seventies and eighties.

The group (or person or thing–who knows) has put out a few works last year, which included their first EP entitled EP and an EP of remixes (maybe?) entitled, well, REMIXES. Late last year saw the release of their second original EP Love Electrical, a seven song EP of charging synths through fields of deep bass and resonating, somewhat shrill, sounds. The EP is quite good for a band that seemed to have come out of nowhere, grabbing influences from people like Kraftwerk to Com Truise.

Recently, in late January, they also released a second remix EP entitled REMIXES 2, which definitely rounds out the definition of [PHYSICS] by way of covering their biggest influencers: they take a stab at rethinking and rearranging Yaz, Bagarre, and LA New Wave band Missing Persons. I would not be surprised if this slightly enigmatic electronic band gets snatched very quickly by a cool local indie label–and we’d be super glad to see them blow up. Take a listen to Love Electrical below (which can be purchased for $5 on BandCamp) as well as the new REMIXES 2 (which an be downloaded at whatever price you name). You can also stream more from them over on SoundCloud.

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