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Peaking Lights’ 936 Remixes

Peaking Light's 936 Remixes

Peaking Lights are a California-by-way-of-Wisconsin “dub pop psych” husband and wife duo who are the embodiment of Southern California chill. Now, this doesn’t mean they are a “Chillwave” band, as they very narrowly dodged that late 2009 bullet and landed somewhere between chill, witch house, and dubby hip-hop. The duo has recently released a remix album that exaggerate where they are coming from.

A ten track collection released on Domino’s Weird World, the remixes come from Adrian Sherwood/On-U Sound, Cadenza, Doldrums, and Stones Throw’s Dam-Funk. The songs vary from drugged hip hop all the way to completely new and spacey reimagining of their popular “All That Shines.” It’s rare that a remix collection rounds out an artist’s work but this collection–from ten completely different remixers–seems to clarify their songs at points and approach them from the aforementioned worlds that their music hints at. Cadenza’s remix is a great example of this, tossing “Amazing & Wonderful” into a relaxed, quiet dubstep piece, something the original shoegaze song would never be. Similarly, Doldrums and Damu, who have the best remixes, cast the songs as very complicated versions of themselves, that–for Doldrums–metamorphose halfway through into a new beast and–for Damu–slowly build into resonating echo chamber.

Take a listen to the remixes below and also catch a very new mix by Aaron of Peaking Lights, which was made as they work on the new record.

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