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Ty Segall’s “Where Your Head Goes”


I don’t really know what “psych rock” is but, when listening to Ty Segall, I definitely feel like it’s psych rock. Ty is born from Southern California musical roots, playing in various bands in Orange County and even some in the Bay Area, which explains why his music is simultaneously neatly organized while being quite a mess of good sounds. “Where Your Head Goes” and it’s accompanying video is a perfect example of Segall and his aesthetic, which I think you can safely call “psych rock.”

The song is from Segall’s 2011 Drag City release Goodbye Bread and is a dizzying walk through roaring guitars and blurry vocals. The video is similar, Segall’s band performing the song, as they melt in and out of various colorscapes and visuals, all of which are fondued together for a little over four minutes. The whole “psych” vibe I mentioned comes in because, if you haven’t noticed, the song and video are vaguely reminiscent of psychadelic drug experiences, where everything is more vivid and brighter and more exaggerated than it actually is–and it feels and sounds great. (Not that I would know, I’m just making conjectures–you know?)

Segall and his crew will be coming to town for a show at the Troubador on March 3, with White Fence, Mikal Cronin, and Felling of Love. For more on other Segall shows (and other Drag City artists’ shows), check out the Drag City website.

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