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Interviews With Creatives By (No Subject)

Interviews With Creatives By No Subject

Is it safe to say that profiling creative and interesting Angelenos is a “thing” now? We think it might be, as everyone from I Am Los Angeles to L.A. Canvas to, well, us are getting out around town and sharing new voices in the community. And now, a new forum for sharing has emerged: (No Subject).

(No Subject) are a “creatively driven marketing and events company” in town who are making their presence known online for being more than just ad people and event people. The best manifestation of this is their My Name Is: ___________ interviews, which has locals sitting for them to speak about their work. A few of the people they’ve featured are Jesse Genet of Lumi Co., the guys behind The Spare Room, Spencer Nikosey of KILLSPENCER, photographer Magdalena Wosinska, and many more. Their videos are very basic, their words and their space, confronting their words with where they create. It’s a cool little series and definitely introduced us to a few people we had no idea were based in LA or even doing the things that they do (perfect example: Lumi Co., who are doing some cool shit).

Take a peek at three of our favorites below.

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