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Lindy & Grundy In Meat: A True Love Story

Lindy & Grundy In Meat A True Love Story

While we were at the Kid Robot event last night, we noticed a few little postcards scattered about the space. They looked like these little movie posters, featuring Amelia and Erika of Lindy & Grundy. At first we were like, “Oh! A documentary on them! How exciting!” But, then we realized it wasn’t a documentary but then thought it was a Valentine’s special and then we were just really confused on the whole matter but resolved that the little postcards were just the cutest thing. What are they about, though?

Well, after following the little web address at the bottom of the cards, we discovered that the two ladies of L&G are actually participating in a written photo documentary and interview series for a meat centered website called Meat Me. The site showcases “various aspects of MEAT” as they say and is a place for meat lovers to talk about the craft and art of meat.

Lindy & Grundy In Meat A True Love Story

Born from a desire to understand the meat industry and to share women who are working in the meat market, Meat: A True Love Story came about. Starting on Valentine’s day, they will be sharing the stories of “hardworking, innovative, and passionate women” in the meat industry. The first is Megan Brown of The Beef Jar and the second is Jenny Dewey of Chico Locker Sausage. Amelia and Erika’s story won’t be up until February 28th, closing out the month in all things meat.

Be sure to follow the story over on the Meat Me website and also their Facebook. And, until their interview comes out, enjoy these ridiculously cute promos for their interview (which were shot by Sean Rice).

Lindy & Grundy In Meat A True Love Story

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