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Living The Language Of Los Angeles

Living The Language Of Los Angeles

What is the language of Los Angeles? Well, I mean, we all speak English, but what are the expressions and words and language that are most important to us, here, in Los Angeles? Education First seeks to answer that question in their Live The Language campaign, which features a series of videos that explore language in parts of the world.

This series examines how we use language and how it ties to an environment and, you know, is promoting studying abroad through their company. They’re promotional videos that very easily could have been cheesy and poorly made but they are really, really, really good and basic. Under the direction of Gustav Johansson with visuals by Albin Holmqvist, they cleanly sweep through cities, giving details of unique expressions like “high five” and “brain freeze” and “barbecue” and “amusement park.”

The Los Angeles video sees a foreign exchange student arriving and going to school and doing things young kinds do in our city (which includes going to In-N-Out, the beach, and Magic Mountain). It’s very cute and would definitely make me want to visit Los Angeles. It’s also quite remarkable that, out of all the cities in the US, EF picked Los Angeles. So–duh–that means we’re the best city in this country.

Check out the video below and, if you’d like to see more, you can see the Bejing one over at The Fox Is Black and the rest on Holmqvist’s Vimeo page.

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