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Steven Harrington For Beck’s

Our friend Steven Harrington is working with Beck’s on their Green Box Project. The brand reached out to various different artists from painters to designers to musicians for them to create a unique interactive experience that incorporates their aesthetic with the Beck’s Green Box.

The sound of the project is stranger than it actually is since it sounds like it steals artists to pimp their work out for Beck’s benefit. But, really, it’s actually very, very cool. Using portable technology (phones, tablets), you will be able to download an app that–when looking at the Green Box–will create an augmented reality experience that brings the artist’s work to life around the Box. Thus, the box/Beck’s is the jumping off point for exclusive interactive work for artists that probably have not created anything like this before.

There are thirty boxes released between Italy, the UK, and the US. In Los Angeles, Steven Harrington is one of the city’s representatives. When speaking with him a few months ago, he mentioned his box will be in Irvine Spectrum, which is definitely worth the trip to see despite it being a little out of the way. Also in Los Angeles, Dr. Romanelli‘s box will be at the PULSE event and previously Bijules at Hollywood and Highland, Meryl Smith at The Strand in Huntington Beach, Shaniqwa Jarvis at the Santa Monica Pier, Craig Thornton at at an undisclosed location had boxes.

If you can’t make it to see Steven’s in person, watch the video below to see what you can expect when you go down to the park. And, when you’re ready to go, be sure you have the app downloaded!

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