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Sunset in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, I’m Yours was a Los Angeles focused art, design, lifestyle, and culture website created and ran by Kyle Fitzpatrick, Founder & Editor-In-Chief. LAIY sought to showcase the people and the artistic passion that make the city what it is: a city of artists. Featuring everything from a look at a gallery opening to a restaurant review to mapping a local trend, we provided a point of view of the city from the creatives that inhabit it. The site was also proud to feature interviews with local artists and tastemakers, showcasing their work and workspaces with their insight on artistic process, career, and relationship with the city. We (still) hope to be the city’s biggest champions, to give a voice to the people, places, and things that make Los Angeles the most progressive metropolis in the United States.

Los Angeles, I’m Yours was a love letter to the city, from the city. We hope you enjoy it. We stopped publishing new posts in early 2015.

Designed by Bobby Solomon
Developed by Sawyer Hollenshead