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The Magic Of The Everyday: An Interview With Shizu Saldamando

The Magic Of The Everyday An Interview With Shizu Saldamando 1

I first encountered Shizu Saldamando‘s work at LAX. Her intricate and intimate pen-on-bedsheet portraits flank the “Departures Hallway” between Terminal 7 and 8, and brought me out of my air-travel tunnel-vision long for a few pleasurable minutes. Saldamando’s work appears at the airport as part of LAX’s newly initiated Influx project, which aims to “transform the airport’s public spaces into art spaces.”

Weeks later, I was given a tour of the Vincent Prince Art Museum by writer Marisela Norte. I was delighted to recognize Saldamando’s work, exhibited in the solo survey show When You Sleep Featuring large scale portrait drawings of “everyday” scenes and subcultures, the work makes her subjects shimmer, their magic heightened by the deliberate neglect of scenes’ backgrounds. Most of her subjects are young and racially diverse, and their urban music scene context is read through their style choices. These are portraits of young Angelenos in an environment they’ve chosen and helped to create, whose identities exist both within and beyond race – a complicated layering that Saldamando captures with sophistication.

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This Is Not A Silent Movie

This Is Not A Silent Movie 1

It’s been noted that history is moving faster, that time is compressing and accelerating at unprecedented rates. We laugh at monstrous phones and outdated concepts of network communication (anyone watched The Matrix recently?), and it’s difficult for even grounded millennials to fathom that they have living grandparents who were born in the 1920s.

European movement towards the “modern era” via science, industry, and violence, began hundreds of years ago, but the border between the modern and the traditional remains slim and highly contested. This thin line is the territory of the Craft and Folk Art Museum‘s current exhibition This Is Not A Silent Movie.

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Life in TV5D

The visions of painter Timothy Robert Smith are part cinematic graphic novel, part Renaissance oil, part magic.

Life in TV5D 1

Renaissance oils are not the first thing that come to mind at mention of the Los Angeles art scene – and this is the first place that painter Tim Smith, known as TV5D, directs me. His recently completed Titled is propped against the studio wall, taller than both of us, and Tim claims Jacopo Tintoretto’s The Miracle of St Mark Rescuing a Slave as a primary source of inspiration. Tintoretto’s 1548 work tells the story of a slave who leaves the sovereignty of his king to see religious idols in Venice – a crime for which the king orders other slaves to exact punishment on the deserter. St. Mark descends from the Heavens to rescue the noble slave, bridging the earthly divide.

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A Word With A Los Angeles’ Fairy Godmother: An Interview With Francesca Lia Block

A Word With A Los Angeles' Fairy Godmother An Interview With Francesca Lia Block

Francesca Lia Block is one of L.A.’s fairy godmothers. The New York Review of Books has said that she “writes about the real Los Angeles better than anyone since Raymond Chandler.” Author of the Weetzie Bat books, these punk rock fairytales are love letters to the city of angels–and one of the reasons I came to Southern California when I was seventeen. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Block at an LA Zine Fest event, where she signed my only-slightly-scuffed copies of Weetzie Bat and Wtich Baby, which I’ve been carrying around since age twelve. Her most recent projects include a prequel to Weetzie Bat (see interview), an adult fantasy (see interview), and a Weetzie screenplay (get ready). This promo video for an Italian edition of the Weetzie stories is a nice homage to the world Block writes about, though nothing will do justice save the books themselves.

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Ghana Must Go Fiber CAFAM Los Angeles

CAFAM is hosting a two day event called Ghana Must Go on November 1 and November 2. There will be a trunk show, West African inspired works, performances, and more.

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Fit, Form, Function Compton

Fit, Form, Function is a new (and first) Compton based arts journal. They’re hoping to explore a few things, their first issue specifically speaking to “objects we do not touch.” If you want to get involved, send in submissions by November 15.

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House Of Modern Horrors Alex Miller Los Angeles Halloween 2014

In case you need more frights this weekend, Alex Miller is bringing an immersive exhibition called the House Of Modern Horrors. It’s a cringeworthy event showcasing “nightmares that haunt our reality.” EEeEeEeeeEE. There will also be some comedians, too.

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