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Speaking With: Jewelry Designer Kristen Elspeth

Speaking With Jewelry Designer Kristen Elspeth 1

The Echo Park Craft Fair is a rather magical event. One which just so happens to be right around the corner, May 11 and 12, so be sure to save the date. This event brings together a glorious array of talented artists and craft people; no not “craft” as in construction paper and glue sticks, but craft as in creators of absolutely amazing and unique goods.

It was at the Echo Park Holiday Craft Fair that I first saw Kristen Elspeth‘s handy work. The unique pieces captured my attention immediately and I wanted to purchase all of them! Given that it was the holiday season and there was so much to do, I didn’t get to have a real conversation with Kristen for quite some time. However, when I finally got to meet her in person, I got an even greater sense of just how fantastic she (and her work) is.

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A Home You Must Tour: Gary Baseman’s The Door Is Always Open

A Home You Must Tour Gary Baseman's The Door Is Always Open 24.6

Gary Baseman is one of the nicest people on the planet. He seems to be perpetually happy and is the kind of person who cares deeply about everyone he meets. It isn’t an act, too: Gary is completely genuine with his extreme positivity. We learned this first hand from when we conducted our Featured Interview with him last year. The process usually only takes an hour–at the maximum–but Gary’s took nearly three hours as he had so much to say, wanted to know everything about us, wanted to show us all of his work, and even wanted to treat us to lunch. Gary has one of the biggest hearts in Los Angeles.

He has a very rich history, too. He’s a Fairfax District kid born to two Holocaust survivors who encouraged Gary to do whatever he wanted–and who have a large influence on his work. His work is currently the focus of a huge, brilliant examination of his life and art that is on view at the Skirball Cultural Center. The show is titled The Door Is Always Open and literally sees Gary open the door to his childhood home to allow you get to know his family, his art, his characters, and see everything that makes Gary Baseman Gary Baseman.

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YPTees Brings Art To Shirts

YPTees Brings Art To Shirts 1

Don’t you wish you could put a little more art into your wardrobe? While clothing is inherently creative and there are always new art/design collaborations that are happening to get you fitted in cool things, here’s another curious entry into this world: YPTees, a t-shirt project that sees artists’ work applied to fairly priced limited edition t-shirts.

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Beauty Is Embarrassing, The Creative Inspiration Movie Of 2013

Beauty Is Embarrassing, The Creative Inspiration Movie Of 2013

Every year there is one documentary released that is a pool full of creative inspiration. These films are made to grab you–the sponge–and dunk you inside of it, leaving you full of inspiration and ideas and all sorts of artistic excitement that you could practically paint enough paintings to fill a museum. Herb & Dorothy did that in 2008 and Bill Cunningham New York did that in 2010 and–this year–the Wayne White focused Beauty Is Embarrassing does the same thing.

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Yevgeniya Mikhailik’s Longing Limned And More

Yevgeniya Mikhailik's Longing Limned And More 1

Yevgeniya Mikhailik is a Long Beach based artist and illustrator whose work inhabits melting natural colors and folky animal figures. She seems to be painting what could be the settings for serious fantasy books for all ages, these places that ripple with activity and move slowly, braiding in and out of itself. You feel like you could get lost in her work, caught in between her wiggling lines and pools of blotted colors.

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Ghana Must Go Fiber CAFAM Los Angeles

CAFAM is hosting a two day event called Ghana Must Go on November 1 and November 2. There will be a trunk show, West African inspired works, performances, and more.

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Fit, Form, Function Compton

Fit, Form, Function is a new (and first) Compton based arts journal. They’re hoping to explore a few things, their first issue specifically speaking to “objects we do not touch.” If you want to get involved, send in submissions by November 15.

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House Of Modern Horrors Alex Miller Los Angeles Halloween 2014

In case you need more frights this weekend, Alex Miller is bringing an immersive exhibition called the House Of Modern Horrors. It’s a cringeworthy event showcasing “nightmares that haunt our reality.” EEeEeEeeeEE. There will also be some comedians, too.

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