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Yevgeniya Mikhailik’s Longing Limned And More

Yevgeniya Mikhailik's Longing Limned And More 1

Yevgeniya Mikhailik is a Long Beach based artist and illustrator whose work inhabits melting natural colors and folky animal figures. She seems to be painting what could be the settings for serious fantasy books for all ages, these places that ripple with activity and move slowly, braiding in and out of itself. You feel like you could get lost in her work, caught in between her wiggling lines and pools of blotted colors.

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Photos On The Go: Stephanie Gonot On Wish You Were Here

Photos On The Go Stephanie Gonot On Wish You Were Here 1

The postcard: what a forgotten medium! These glossy paper travelers are associated with gift shop whimsy or gimmicky giggles. They’re also universal and can have an incredible craft to them. They just go so overlooked as the gesture is now equated to posting a photo on a friend’s Facebook wall. Postcards are so much more special, though! LA photographer Stephanie Gonot is trying to bring the postcard back in a very caring way with a show she has curated with Month Of Photography Los Angeles. She collected work from thirty photographers locally and beyond to share work that would be turned into postcards and that visitors can mail from the gallery. The show is Wish You Were Here and it will undoubtedly breathe beautiful hope back into mailboxes. To get an idea of what to expect–and where the idea came from–we spoke with Stephanie about what went into making the show, which actually opens tonight.

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Hak’s Chipotle Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Hak's Chipotle Bourbon BBQ Sauce 1

Barbecue is something that I’ve learned to love with age. I think I can point my dislike or extreme apatheticism toward the food styling to a very unhappy family trip to Billy Bob’s in Texas, a trip where all we ate was barbecue for days and everything smelled like horse waste and we had to wear cowboy hats. For a young, pseudo-vegetarian gay boy, this was in no way my idea of a good time. I’ve started to indulge in barbecue though, releasing any childhood BBQ grudges into the atmosphere so that I can incorporate this food subgenre into my life. This is good news because we recently stumbled upon Hak’s BBQ Sauce, a self-described “high end” barbecue sauce from Los Angeles.

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Foodshop: Unlocking Venice’s Best Kept Culinary Secret

FoodShop, Venice, reservations

Somewhere in the heart of Venice, sits a nondescript warehouse that can’t quite be accessed from the street. Slide open the massive steel door, neatly tucked in an alleyway, and you’ll find a semi-secret culinary adventure unfolding. Hosts Hyejin and Itay, and a few other helping hands, prepare dinner for 20 to 30 guests sitting along a massive family style table, bathed gently in dreamy candlelight.

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The Digest: El Cholo

el cholo spanish cafe

Everyone goes here. You did. Your Mom probably does, sometimes with your Dad, but probably with her girlfriends. Your Uncle was probably here too, having margaritas. But that’s just this generation. People have been going to this stop off Wilshire for almost a hundred years now. Robert Redford ate here once. Jack Nicholson called it one of his favorite places in town. Bing Crosby loved it too; Elizabeth Taylor dined here more than a few times.

Inevitably, we all pass through El Cholo.

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Ghana Must Go Fiber CAFAM Los Angeles

CAFAM is hosting a two day event called Ghana Must Go on November 1 and November 2. There will be a trunk show, West African inspired works, performances, and more.

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Fit, Form, Function Compton

Fit, Form, Function is a new (and first) Compton based arts journal. They’re hoping to explore a few things, their first issue specifically speaking to “objects we do not touch.” If you want to get involved, send in submissions by November 15.

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House Of Modern Horrors Alex Miller Los Angeles Halloween 2014

In case you need more frights this weekend, Alex Miller is bringing an immersive exhibition called the House Of Modern Horrors. It’s a cringeworthy event showcasing “nightmares that haunt our reality.” EEeEeEeeeEE. There will also be some comedians, too.

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