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Alexis Smart’s Flower Remedies

Alexis Smart's Flower Remedies 1

While visiting The Standard’s Book Stand, we of course had to hide away a little goodie to share with you guys. One item that had a neat little display and that was certainly intriguing were the LA made Alexis Smart Flower Remedies, these little bright blue glass droplet bottles with discrete brown paper stickers on them. The goods are natural formulas from flower essences that are intended to make you feel better and healthier in a safe way. If you’re one of those people who likes to indulge (“indulge”) in natural therapies, this is for you.

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MFEO Reuses Wood

MFEO Reuses Wood 1

MFEO is a little sustainable local design duo from Aaron and Claire Van Holland. They have a passion for reclaiming wood and furniture and more and reusing it for their craft. This creative effort isn’t to make little trinkets or toys but instead to make huge and very useful home goods like lamps, consoles, beds, and more that look good and come from a place that left a very small footprint on the world. MFEO helps lift the weight we place on the planet and does it with quite a lot of style, too.

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An Adventure In Catalina

An Adventure In Catalina: Avalon

Most Angelenos have some sort of vague idea of what Catalina Island is. “That’s where Natalie Wood died, right?” some may ask, attempting to locate the place in relationship to Los Angeles history. Others have spread rumors that it’s cheesy or full of older people or even simply just an island lost somewhere near Los Angeles’ Pacific Ocean: most Angelenos feeling toward Catalina is nothing more than meh at best. The vacation destination loses out to cooler locations like Joshua Tree and Palm Springs.

But who has actually been to Catalina? Have you? Ask someone near you: have they? Of the many friends and acquaintances that I have polled in the past month, only two people noted visiting the island, both of who had visited the place one time and couldn’t really weigh in on what the place was like. When we were invited to visit the island for a wildflower tour by the Catalina Conservancy, we were certainly intrigued. The island has been on our list of places to go in Southern California for years and is one of those places that needed to be explored: the oceanic veil has to be lifted so that we can all gaze upon Catalina’s face.

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The Soles Of Royal Elastics’ Shoes

The Soles Of Royal Elastics Shoes 1

We’ve been familiar with Royal Elastics‘ shoes for some time now. They’re a Downtown LA footwear brand who make shoe wearing easy (because you don’t have to tie the shoes, hence the name) and they do it in a very stylish way. We’ve popped onto their site every now and then to see what they are up to and there are always a few shoes that look great. One big thing we noticed on a recent online-window-shopping trip in their men’s shoes department was that something was going on with their soles: they have a little attitude. A lot of them are tri-colored cool!

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Ghana Must Go Fiber CAFAM Los Angeles

CAFAM is hosting a two day event called Ghana Must Go on November 1 and November 2. There will be a trunk show, West African inspired works, performances, and more.

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Fit, Form, Function Compton

Fit, Form, Function is a new (and first) Compton based arts journal. They’re hoping to explore a few things, their first issue specifically speaking to “objects we do not touch.” If you want to get involved, send in submissions by November 15.

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House Of Modern Horrors Alex Miller Los Angeles Halloween 2014

In case you need more frights this weekend, Alex Miller is bringing an immersive exhibition called the House Of Modern Horrors. It’s a cringeworthy event showcasing “nightmares that haunt our reality.” EEeEeEeeeEE. There will also be some comedians, too.

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