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The Richard Simmons Vortex

Richard Simmons Vortex

If anything sums up our feelings on Richard Simmons and the classes he teaches at his Beverly Hills’ Slimmons Studio, it is Mimi Pond’s fantastic cartoon on the subject. This also got us thinking: could Mr. Simmons be the Los Angeles’ poster child? He is a celebrity, super active, always happy (or at least acting like it), a transplant, and constantly moving, which probably over over qualifies him for the position. Regardless, he is still the absolute best in the business.

Sad You’re Not California Governor, Meg Whitman? Here: Have HP!

Meg Whitman to lead Hewlett-Packard

Everyone’s favorite Californian campaign spend-a-million-of-your-own-dollars-to-try-to-win-fans loser, Meg Whitman, may not be pursuing politics anymore but technology again: Whitman is now the Chief Executive of Hewlett-Packard. This is interesting to hear since they are basically banking on the philosophy that two falling stars will create a phoenix like comet. We’ll see what happens!

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“Inside Scientology” By Janet Reitman–And What The Church Has To Say About It

Secretive Scientology

No stranger to drama, Scientology–Los Angeles’ religious poster child–is under attack again: the religion is the subject of Rolling Stone writer Janet Reitman’s new book, Inside Scientology. Reitman spent five years researching and studying the organization, which culminates in this book. Scientology, though, had to release a statement to clear the air which–duh–sounds like something a defensive robot vomited out.

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West Hollywood To Ban Fur From–Wait: You Can Ban Fur?

West Hollywood To Ban Fur

We had no idea this was possible but West Hollywood is banning fur. In an ordinance passed earlier today, West Hollywood’s City Council approved to ban the sale of fur (for the time being).

First, is fur in West Hollywood a huge problem? Second, is West Hollywood aware that they are located in Southern California and that fur should not exist in this climate anyway unless it is on an animal? We’re confused just as much as you are, folks.

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SABER Put On A Downtown Air Show

Saber Downtown Sky Protest

SABER, maximal graffiti artist, took to the Downtown skies today to protest the recent banning of murals in the city. We’ve seen a lot of photos and are super bummed we didn’t get to see it for ourselves downtown.

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Have You Heard Of Egg Slut?

Egg Slut Food Truck

Once in a while a new food truck comes along that gives me the butterflies (excitement) and I felt it once again in the Egg Slut. The name in itself would cause you to double take and make sure you read it right.


2015 Los Angeles I'm Yours

It is 2015 and, as I do every year, I attempt to map out our future for the upcoming months. With the recent past being fairly quiet (i.e., scant posting), this leaves Los Angeles, I’m Yours in a very peculiar position: what is our future? Where are we going? How does the current run affect the future?

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PERFORMANCE Rashaun Mitchell, Stephin Merritt, Ali Naschke-Messing REDCAT 6

During PERFORMANCE, a recent production at REDCAT by Rashaun Mitchell, Stephin Merritt, and Ali Naschke-Messing, the staging of chance,(or making chance look like happenstance) the mundane-ness of tasks as movement and the mechanizations of the theater as theater was a welcome but puzzling, nothing to hide behind subterfuge to overabundance, overproduction and over-stimulation in the contemporary 1st world.  The effective and gradual lighting by Davison Scandrett heightened the audience’s awareness to where and to when to pay attention whether or not we knew the subliminal light changes were happening.  Even though the stage was stripped bare of backdrops and the few props of suspended, gold leaf papers, bars, and tentacle tall, glittering, lightweight ropes created a sparseness that you could see around, the minimalized simplicity of the hollowed out theater was quickly filled with the present tense of all participants’(including the audience’s) subtle to drastic movements, musical stylings and even breathing.

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In the world of cool, young chocolatiers in the United States, only a handful of names will come to mind because those are the only chocolates you see in stores. You have your Brooklyn old schoolers Mast Brothers, cool, mini-makers Woodblock Chocolate, glorified toffee treaters Alma, and the real San Francisco treat TCHO. One of the most important (and somewhat under the radar) makers is the homegrown Compartes, an undoubtedly luxe and incredibly hip brand that eschews artisanal annoyances for no-hype-all-flavor sweets.

The brand has big news, too: they very recently expanded from their Brentwood storefront, adding a Melrose Place cubby hole hidden from street view (and technically within coffee shop Alfred). It’s an interesting triangular space that is most befitting of a chocolate store. The goods are a limited selection that include a wall of Love Nuts, a display of chocolate bars, and a glass case of truffles. Yet, that is irrelevant: the shop is an exercise in brevity and beauty, a quick stop into considered foodie charm.

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The Great Nordic Sword Fights Groundislava Rare Times Girl Behind The Glass

With all the technology available to us today, the limits of the music video—or any video—as an entertainment devices are extremely limiting. Undoubtedly an excellent medium, these little visual interpretations of songs can sometimes feel without an immediacy or a demand from the audience, leaving them as a one-time, calorie free form of entertainment that you pop into and pop out of. You often watch a music video once or twice, eventually leaving it behind for the easier to consumer song: that’s the nature of the format.

This in mind, artists like The Great Nordic Sword Fights are looking beyond the bitesized and into more productive productions. The opportunity to direct the music video for Groundislava‘s song “The Girl Behind The Glass”: instead of making a little movie, TGNSF made a video game.

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Ricky Jonsson Jr Kristel Brinshot The Great Nordic Sword Fights Los Angeles Video Art 1

With a name like The Great Nordic Sword Fights, you would assume that Highland Park based Kristel Brinshot and Ricky Jonson Jr. are either leading manufacturers in authentic viking arms and armour or experts in Late Medieval longsword technique. Unfortunately, the two are neither: their working alias is an appearingly lo-fi, foreign pseudonym for technological, highbrow art available online and off.

Kristel and Ricky are video artists. The two are collaborators who create everything from music videos to installations to video games, works dug into an aesthetic and rooted in an emerging Los Angeles artistic community. Their work is difficult to define—and there are few like them.

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